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Big Country Fence is a family owned and operated business that is your one stop shop for all your fencing needs. We not only do installations, repairs, and staining, but we also offer a MAINTENANCE PROGRAM that helps to keep your fence looking brand new and saves you time let alone the hassle. Who else does that?!

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Is your goal to keep the kids and pets contained or simply boost property value by giving your yard a nice look? 

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Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are certainly the most durable, yet traditional looking fences that you can invest in. If you want the most durable fence for creating your outdoor oasis, a vinyl privacy fence is the best way to go. These fences are economic and virtually maintenance free. Vinyl fences are ideal for both commercial and residential application.

Vinyl could be an excellent choice for several reasons...

1) Doesn't require painting or staining
2) Low Maintenance
3) Dirt is easily sprayed off
4) Won't split or crack
5) Fire resistant

Big Country Offers three styles of Vinyl
1) Privacy
2) Pickets
3) Ranch Rail

Cedar Fence

Cedar fences help enhance property values, define boundaries, create barriers, set off landscaping and provide privacy. The beauty of natural wood will provide years of satisfaction. Wood is the most versatile material for building a fence. Cedar is available in 1x4, 1x6, and 1x8 widths and in 4-foot, 5-foot and 6-foot heights. 8' high is also available for maximum privacy or commercial applications, such as dumpster enclosures. Projects are constructed on site by experienced installers to provide the optimum in quality wood fence installation and repair.

Staining and Fence Repairs

Already have a fence, but just need someone to come do the hard work of staining for you? We've got you covered! 

You've already picked us, so just pick your stain and let us come save you! 


Even the sturdiest fence installation can fall victim to accidents and elements. At Big Country Fencing, we can evaluate the damage to your fence, get you a fast estimate, and repair fence panels to their original condition. Over time, wood fences will start to rot or boards may warp.  When this happens, call us and we can estimate the costs for replacing the materials. When you repair a wood fence, the replacement materials are new and may not match the original fence once it has weathered or you have chosen to treat it with either a stain or paint. Vinyl fences can truly handle the elements without maintenance, and won’t need repair or replacement under normal circumstances. When accidents happen, Big Country Fencing can often replace just the damaged sections, maintaining the integrity of your entire fence.

Maintenance Program

Package #1- One Year Stain/Sealer Program Includes: 
- Power wash on both sides  
- Replace damaged pickets. (Up to 10 Pickets)
- Replace damaged brackets. (Up to 4 Brackets)
- Check gates and adjust if necessary
- Stain/Seal the fence 

Package #2- Two Year Stain/Sealer Program Includes: 
- Power wash on both sides each year
- Replace damaged pickets (Up to 10 Pickets)
- Replace damaged brackets (Up to 4 Brackets)
- Check gates and adjust if necessary
- On year two we'll stain/seal the fence again on both sides. 

Package #3- Three Year Stain/Sealer Program Includes:
- Power wash on both sides each year
- Replace damaged pickets (Up to 10 Pickets) 
- Replace damaged brackets (Up to 4 Brackets) 
- Check gates and adjust if necessary
- On year three we'll stain/seal the fence again on both sides. 

We do have other options if you are just wanting to seal/stain one side of the fence. We do not recommend this but it can be an option (Ask your sales rep) 

4 Payment Options
- Annually
- Semi-Annually
- Quarterly 
- Monthly 

We take the hassle out of remembering to schedule every year. We will call you and set up a time that works for you! 

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